ADVODA Service Commitment


ADVODA is committed to your success. We understand time is money and slow turn times can threaten deals and poor support can lead to customer attrition. That is why ADVODA offers our “Service Commitment”, a defined response time for different partner engagements.

Pre-Sales/ Account Management

  • Email/Voice Mail Messages: 1 business day
  • Orders Submitted in Nexus: 1 business day
  • Single Product/Simple Quote/Serviceability Requests: 1 business day
  • Proposal Requests: 3-5 business days (varies based  on vendor pre-sales processes)
  • Pre-contract engineering/build survey: up to 3 weeks (varies based on vendor processes, not available with all vendors)
  • Nexus Login Management Requests: 1 business day

Provisioning (

  • Email/Voice Mail Messages: 1 business day
  • Contract/Order Submitted to Vendor: 1 business day (from clean order receipt)
  • Order Updates to Order Contacts: upon PM assignment and a minimum of 1 per week thereafter
  • Contract/Project Submitted to Vendor: discussed on project kickoff call
  • Project Updates to Project Contacts: standing calls weekly for the duration of the project

Repair (

  • Repair Escalation Involvement: 2 hours (during business hours)
  • Update on service affecting repair escalations: 4 hours (during business hours)
  • Chronic Ticket Requests: 3-5 business days (if non-service affecting)
  • RFO Requests: updates provided when it is requested with estimated timeframe to receive and upon receipt from the vendor (RFO’s need to be requested within ~5 days of ticket closure to ensure availability from vendor)

Billing (

  • 1st Invoice Review: within 1 -2 billing cycles (based on invoice availability from vendor)
  • Billing Inquiries: 3-5 business days
  • Billing Tickets: updates provided upon assignment to vendor billing resource, resolution and confirmation of adjustment posting to account.

ADVODA Escalation

If you are not receiving the service you need within the times referenced below, please escalate to our executive team, so we may remedy the situation.

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