ACT Conferencing Reports Increased Demand for Conferencing Services in Economic Downturn (2/18/09)

Current economic conditions are causing a significant increase in the usage of conferencing services, reports ACT Conferencing®, a global provider of audio, web and video collaboration solutions. In 2008, ACT’s Elite audio conferencing service, a customized and operator-facilitated solution, grew in volume by 20 percent. ReadyConnect®, a self-managed audio conferencing service that enables users to arrange and control their own conference calls 24×7 without making a reservation or having an operator present on the call, marked a 40 percent volume increase. And, as one of the world’s largest and most well-regarded providers of video conferencing services, ACT Proximity video suite rentals and video conferencing services experienced a 20 percent increase in 2008.

“In tough economic times, companies tend to shift priorities so they reassure and support customers and partners,” said Gary Iles, ACT’s senior director of strategy and product management. “Doing that efficiently and effectively requires tools which extend their reach to anywhere in the world.  ACT continues to grow because we attract customers who need user-friendly, integrated web, audio and video conferencing tools, and we deliver the level of service assurance which is required by global entities.”

Gene Marbach, group vice president of Makovsky + Company, a public and investor relations firm, agrees, “We have been an ACT customer for years, and in light of the recession and as a result of travel budget constraints, we have substantially increased our level of reliance on ACT’s conferencing services to keep business-as-usual moving forward.”

ACT also credits its momentum to its channel partners’ success.  ACT recently renewed its reseller relationship with one of the largest telecommunications carriers in the world. To further support its channel partners around the globe, the company has developed the Partner Collaboration Center (PCC), an online portal that enables ACT partners to create, manage and control their customer accounts.  The portal connects directly to ACT reservations systems and provides real-time capabilities to users.  Via the PCC, ACT partners can set up new customers, edit existing customer information, activate on-demand accounts for existing users and download ACT product marketing materials.

“ACT’s feature-rich Partner Collaboration Center is just one of the many reasons we chose to partner with them,” said Ron Dunworth, senior partner at Advoda Communications, one of ACT’s newest channel partners. “ACT is extremely responsive to our requests and has already provided us with a wealth of information to make our business well-positioned for success. Their support and client facing tools are invaluable and have catapulted our business months ahead of schedule.”

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