E-Rate season is in full swing! 

10/20/2016-  For those who aren’t familiar with that term, E-rate is the common name for the federal program for schools and libraries that subsidizes communication services solutions (voice, data, and internet). The total amount of subsidies available through the program is around 2.6 billion dollars annually. The amount of funding an individual school or district qualifies for varies based on participation levels in the free and reduced lunch program.  The percentage of offset runs the gambit from 20% to a high of 90% subsidy for the monthly costs of the services. That means a school district could buy a $70,000/month network solution and only pay a net of $7,000/month!

ADVODA has always been involved in supporting school districts needs in many ways. We have been an E-rate consultant for ten years and we are listed by USAC (E-rate) as a certified consultant in the program. We are one of a handful of partners that are allowed by key vendors (including CenturyLink and Comcast) to provide solutions for schools under the E-rate program.

We have just published a new white paper entitled, “For Charter Schools, Some Basic Information About E-rate.”  The document is available for the asking to our partners and customers. It is written to minimize the complexity of the program as it addresses both the technical and business requirement which the school (or district) needs to understand and work on in tandem with one another.   For our partners specifically, it is a great resource to help you target the education market segment.

Contact us at erate@advoda.com for more information or to request a copy of the white paper.