CompTIA Training Series

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Quick Start Session to Cloud Computing
Date: November 5th, 2015
Time: 8:00am-9:00am MST

“80% of the products that will exist in 5 years haven’t been introduced yet.” Are you looking for an efficient way to keep up with everything new? This 45-60 minute presentation provides a foundation on cloud computing and offers actionable steps to identify opportunity with  customers for this emerging technology delivery model. Session attendees also receive the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing.

Starting in 2016

Executive Certificate in Cloud Foundations

Workshop attendees learn how to develop a successful cloud services practice by leveraging best practices for marketing and selling cloud solutions as well as managing ongoing customer relationships.

COURSE #1: Executive Summary of the Cloud Opportunity

Cloud computing solutions are now part of mainstream IT environments and customers expect to be presented with viable cloud-based alternatives when shopping for new IT solutions. Now that cloud computing is in the mainstream, what does the cloud opportunity look like for solution providers? Participants will learn how what the key drivers of cloud computing are today, and what the channel opportunities look like. This course will also provide an overview of the skills and resources required to develop a profitable cloud business.

COURSE #2: Marketing Cloud Advantages

Cloud computing offers perhaps the first opportunity to shift the customer conversation from bits and bytes to the dollars and sense issues they’re really interested in. In this course, participants learn how to vividly articulate their cloud-computing value proposition in terms the target customer will comprehend and appreciate. Beyond creating compelling messaging, this course also examines branding options and making the most effective media selections to deliver those messages with impact.

COURSE #3: Selling Your Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing represents a significant departure for most IT sales professionals. Where comparisons of different manufacturers’ products and services, speeds and feeds, price and delivery were the rule, they are now replaced by financial drivers, cost efficiencies, contractual considerations, and integration concerns. What will the new cloud sales team look like? Who will the members be and how will they each prepare for and play their roles. And with recurring revenue such a large component of the strategy how will compensation for this team have to change to drive the new desired behaviors? Participants in this course will emerge ready to tackle these issues.

COURSE #4: Delivering Cloud Services

Solution Providers who have profitably incorporated cloud computing into their businesses have learned that you cannot live by subscriptions alone. This course will enable participants to effectively evaluate competing cloud offerings to determine which will deliver the highest price-performance for customers and profitability for the partner. Wrapping their own professional project, deployment, migration, and ongoing support services around these subscriptions, combined with careful selection of the right sourcing strategies and pricing models will assure the highest possible initial and recurring revenue thus making cloud computing an ongoing profit producer.

COURSE #5: Managing Your Customers’ Clouds

Even though cloud computing means that many services will be delivered by providers other than you, you still own the customer relationship and, therefore, responsibility for quality. Your organization that used to focus on delivering top quality services itself must now add monitoring, measuring, and managing methodologies to assure that all of your cloud provider partners deliver a uniformly high level of performance while keeping the entire process as transparent to customers as possible. Course participants come away understanding how to carefully manage through the dynamics of this significant organizational shift.


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