Our Values ARE Our Culture

The people in our organization are really what drives the way we deliver value to our customers.  Everyone on our team is committed to the same core value system that determines how we conduct our business everyday.

ADVODA Core Values

Value Creation

Our job is to make our clients’ and agents’ jobs easier, to provide more and better options than they would otherwise have, and to do so in a fashion that increases everyone’s business successes.  That is the culture of value creation we honor.


We understand the trust our clients put in us is earned by being honest advisers and acting in the best interest of our clients, whether we’re designing solutions, negotiating pricing and SLA, managing implementation to a schedule, or simply communicating with our client counterparts. The personal integrity of each team member and the  transparency that is evident in every facet of our methodology is what maintains our long-lasting client relationships.

Commitment to Excellence

We promote a culture of excellence throughout our organization through top notch tools – like the ADVODA NEXUS, our best-in-industry order management system – consistent and effective training, vigilant maintenance of our vendor relationships, and of course, the quality of results we expect for every client we serve.


Although it’s not listed, we also have a lot of fun doing what we do. We hope we have the opportunity to show you what it’s like to work with ADVODA.

ADVODA Toys for Tots

ADVODA teams up with the US Marine Corps for the annual Toys for Tots drive.